Open Vs Enclosed Auto Transport

People who want to make moving easier have very well depended upon auto transport. The hassle of driving miles across countries or states is eliminated by having shipping companies do the job. One only has to pay for the transport and his car will reach its location in just a matter of time. Of course, one has to choose a professional and legitimate auto transport company to ensure the safe delivery of his car.There are many considerations to think about when planning to have a car transported. There are the cost, the special services for the vehicle, and the type of transport. It is a common misunderstood notion among many people that transporting a car may only be done through a large trailer hauling vehicles together. Auto transport companies offer a variety of shipping methods. One such type of shipping to decide upon is whether to avail of open or enclosed shipping. These two have many differences in terms of cost and benefits.Open Transport
This method is the most common means of transporting vehicles. This is also the common idea most people have in mind when they want their cars transported. The vehicles are transported in open carriers, with about 10 to 15 cars at a time. Open transport is the standard method among companies. Even dealers get their vehicles transported by open shipping. With this method, the transport cost is cheaper than the other methods. However, since the cars are transported in open air, they are at risk of damages. Debris encountered along the road may prove dangerous to the vehicles. The weather is also very unpredictable and is the greatest enemy of travelling trailers. Occurrence of snow or even hail while transporting the vehicles is very hazardous. This is why prior to the transport, the owner must make sure that any damages that might occur will be covered by the insurance provided by the transport company.Enclosed Auto Transport
Due to the risk posed to the cars in open transport, many companies have thought of transporting them inside closed carriers. This method is now very common especially for people with expensive cars. Compared with the open transport that hauls more than 10 cars a time, closed transport is done only with 2 to 4 cars inside the carriers. Thus, closed auto transport commands a very high price. Nevertheless, what you are paying is worth it, considering the assurance that your car will be delivered safely and scratch-free. Imagine transporting a vintage car out in the open, or maybe a car that is worth millions. Surely, that is not a good thought.So which method of shipping to choose? It all depends on your priority. If you want to save up on money, then the open shipping is for you. However, you must be prepared with the risk that might happen to your car. This would not be a problem of course if the insurance covers the damages. But if your car is very precious, you might want to consider the enclosed transport.